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Mistaken Identity

The Butterfly Effect

June 4th, 2014

Running @ 11:31 am


53 days till I do race for life :)

November 6th, 2013

Relate @ 12:50 pm

Current Mood: worried worried

Ok on the 14th November at 6 we have our first appointment at relate.

Im a little scared about it to be honest :S

At the assessment it was all laid back we laughed at a couple of things it was great to be honest but now i feel tense n feel like i dont wanna go n its going to be horrible :(

Im sure im worrying about nothing but trying to convince myself that feels like climbing a mountain.

November 5th, 2013

(no subject) @ 03:22 pm

Current Mood: angry angry
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Woo Riley just turned on convection heater by the front door while on the naughty step n it caught fire.
The stupid council, James rang them up, not only did it take 10 minutes for them to answer, James told them that it was on fire they didn't believe him.

I swear i feel like punching that guy. Bloody moron!
Grr.. that guy on the phone has made me furious, tell you what next time we will just leave the house to burn down might believe us then!

November 4th, 2013

(no subject) @ 09:45 pm

Current Mood: grateful grateful

The weekend had been really nice other than me actually not feeling to well, we all got wellies other than James he had his work boots for the fireworks night.

we got a bus into town and waited roughly 20 minutes, which it wasn't so bad. We was sheltered from the rain and Riley was jumping in puddles so that occupied him. Though annoying the bus was late as we didnt want to miss it. Luna-grace was as snug as a bug and fast to sleep      

We just about made it. well for fireworks.

We didn't actually stand in the grounds as we didn't  get to the ground in time but it was a couple of minutes away and it turns out we had to take 20 steps back lol as Riley didn't like it; we got a few good pictures and a video mainly you can hear me in the background telling him he was alright.
Then Lulu awoke so i took Luna-grace and James took Riley, with lots of cuddles they were ok.

After the fireworks went into the grounds to see the bonfire and to get Riley warm he was complaining he was cold, not long after James put his jacket round him and we headed for the bus stop home.

When we got to the bus stop, i put him on my lap and he cuddled up  when on the bus he fell asleep so gave him to James to carry as he is stronger than I and i took Lulu.

To cut the story short we got home, put the kids to bed

October 31st, 2013

(no subject) @ 11:25 am

Current Mood: good good

So excited dressing the kids up and taking trick or treating for the first time tonight :)

Lulu is going to be a pumpkin
Riley is a grim reaper his choice not mine lol.

2nd Nov - we are going to Double Locks for a music, food, fireworks and bonfire night.
we go every year so should be fun it'll be interesting to see how Lulu will be with fireworks

5th Nov - More food, fireworks and bonfire up at the pre-school

17-23 Nov James has a weeks holiday

23rd November seeing my dad at my sisters place

October 29th, 2013

wedding first dance song @ 04:09 pm

Current Mood: mellow mellow
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(no subject) @ 02:55 pm

Current Mood: full full
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Yummy beef stew for lunch.

Decided to swap meals around and have something light for dinner hopefully this'll help.

Food for thought @ 01:50 pm

Current Mood: curious curious
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There's lots of contradicting information on when to exercise and when to eat what do you guys think?

(no subject) @ 01:30 pm

Current Mood: stressed stressed

I need to lose some weight

I still got pregnancy belly or whatever it is after to have a baby.

Sometimes i think i am ok with my weight and others i cant stand it, its not like i haven't tried losing, I bought weight watchers items and I went on the wii fit ect.. nothing has seem to of worked. I just stay the same i don't put any on and i don't lose any, which wouldn't be a problem if i wasn't over weight and had an ok bmi.

I dont know what to do about.

I did think about it a long while ago and i realized i wasn't eating when i was hungry, i was bored eating so i began to watch that.

I just don't know what to do with myself.

I think im going to have some lunch and go on the ab roller.

October 26th, 2013

Part 1 @ 09:20 pm

Current Mood: embarrassed embarrassed

Oh my god what a day i hardly slept the night before i went to bed at 5am i was busy cleaning.
I was completely fine till i was putting on my dress, Estelle who did my hair help me get ready and i had to ask her to loosen my dress a bit i felt i was going to pass out i was so shaky.

Everyone left my dad picked up the Ness and Kim bridesmaids and my nephew it was just myself, jiggy (Georgina) flower girl and Luna-grace.

Waiting for my dad to pick me up i felt faint, shaky, nauseous, felt like i was going to cry i rang my mum, gran, sister, best man, next door neighbour Janie, my cousin is the only one that answered and she tried to calm me down but didn't work, so i got jiggy to call James and get hold of Jason best man.
Spoke to him finally it did and didn't work well better than my cousin anyway.
Dad came picked us up and i was talking complete rubbish and saying how i felt, talking about dads wedding n my nans.

Got to Larkbeare house felt more normal did the officials and someone said we forgotten our music James said i had it but i had no idea it was still at the house so they had back up there.
I didn't feel nervous walking into the room.

When i got to James i held his had and oh my god lol i got nervous again, i was super smiley and i had nervous twitchy cheeks (mega cringe) which made me laugh and at one point, i felt my legs go a bit wobbly, so i held his hand tighter. Oh... thinking about it now i was a nightmare haha.
Oh and another thing i couldn't put his ring on lol it wouldn't go on.

Anyway after it was done well the vows n it was over the nervousness had gone, n that was over phew...

We got married in one piece, well i did it in one piece James was fine lol

And i didn't cry


Mistaken Identity

The Butterfly Effect