Mistaken Identity

The Butterfly Effect

5 December 1988
I'm Hannah

Im 23
I live with boyfriend astral_requiem little bit complicated at the moment
I have a baby boy who is 5 months old called Riley
We live in Exeter.

I luuuurve going out even if its just to go for a walk, god im not really a house person but lately because of my boy i have had to be. (Oh and of course the duvet day that happens at least once every 2 months)

Ok so i have left this way to long time to update a bit.
My baby is a 20 month little monster who i love
Im currently 25 weeks pregnant its scary n exciting, got my scan 7th January cant wait
I miss going to college doing acting/musical theatre
I love shopping, retail therapy is wonderful even if its food shopping, (much more fun on spending it on things you want instead of need though but not possible, you need money to do that) ;)
I love Cornwall favourite place (i use to live there)
Im a stay at home mum who would love to get out the house (anyone free to babysit tonight)
I have a bright pink kitchen that ive just decorated, added a soft lemon to tone it down a bit.
I speak too quickly and get my words mixed up when i do
My grammer is terrible should have paid more attention in school oh and spelling
I have no family or friends where i live which leaves me lonely
I love having a laugh, smiling and i cant stop
Before i die,i would love to go to the west end and see a musical (Les miserable - preferably this one :), Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Blood Brothers, Hairspray etc)
I love music
I went on a trip to paris when i was in school and because we were so good we got to go to the Asterix and Obelix theme park instead of the lourve, I think im the only 13/14yr old to be disappointed about going to a theme park instead of a historic gallery/museum.
Im an open book and want to live my life
The average 23 year old would probably want to go to nightclubs and music festivals and want to go to Ibiza to party, where ok the very very odd occasion a nightclub but i would like to go to museums, gallerys, castles, monuments, Italy Rome, Greece, Eygpt to sight see.
I would like to lose 1/2 stone, probably more now due to pregnancy
I miss the sea and countryside, im a country girl in a city dont get me wrong i love the place but only to visit my heart belongs to seaside towns, (Cornwall how i miss thee)
I think thats it for now....